Online Stories

Stories that I have written that are free to read online. Click on the image to visit the site that the story is hosted on.
WingsA fantasy story about discovering who you are and finding others like you. Fairies and witches and whatnot .

Published in Penumbric speculative ficion magazine
Familiar – A horror story about a witch and her familiar, one of the winning entries for Eerie River’s monthly competition.#Demons #Witches #Horror

Published By Eerie River Publishing

A Little Bit CampA factual article I wrote about growing up and working out where you fit in the world. Especially when you’re a little bit camp #Gay #LGBTQ

Published by Our Queer Stories

The lost boys A dark, defiant horror story set on the gay scene in Liverpool UK #LGBTQ #Horror

Published by Haunted MTL
Hanging around – A creepy ghost story about a toxic relationship doing what toxic relationships do. Become more toxic

Published by Fox Hollow Stories

Young Hearts Run FreeA factual article about coming out and visiting the gay scene for the first time, Liverpool in 1996 #Gay #ComingOut #LGBTQ #Liverpool

Published by Our Queer Stories

We can only fall. A dark drabble for Black Hare Press for their dark moments. Theme fallen angels
Those Old Urban Legends
One of the first stories that I ever sent off. A Creepy tale set in Liverpool on the gay scene
A story about horror stories.

Published by The Bold Mom