Interviews, Readings of my stories and some fun stuff.

I have a story “Hunters Moon” at the end of this episode. Hello from the Hallowoods is a post apocolyptic horror podcast. Featuring LGBTQ+ Creatures, Characters and stories. Follow them forots of great content #LGBTQ #Horror #PrideInHorror
A reading of my story “Lunch Break” by the fabulous Tim mendees for The Guild Storytellers. Followed by “Whimper” By the excellent Alanna Robertson Webb. If you enjoy these, Make sure you sign up for the podcast.

Tim mendees can be found here:

his videos are posted here:

A live reading and interview with myself and some of the other authors of zero hour 2113. With the fabulous Tim Mendees, Nd excellent host and also one if the Zero hour Storytellers. My reading is a small part of my chapter “Children of the bionic god.”

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A bit of fun for the fox hollow facebook page
I was interviewed by David green for his blog here: (Click on Image)
I was interviewed by the Bold Mom Here (click image)